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addictedpartner's Journal

When the person you love is an addict...
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Dealing with the addiction of your partner
When searching for a community related to both marriage and my partner's addiction, I came up with nothing. It seems crazy to not have a community for such a huge problem so many of us deal with day to day.

This community is a place to talk about your daily struggles as they relate to your partner and their addiction, or recovery from that addiction. I have found it hard to feel comfortable talking about this part of my relationship with my regular friends list because they either can't relate, or I am worried about their judgements. While I don't mean for this to be a "safe space", I do mean for it to be a place where those going through the same things can talk openly, without fear of being judged.

Also, it seems like this would be a great place for those who have overcome addiction to join. The point of view of the addict is always an important one, and it could be really helpful to both parties involved to see the thoughts of the "other side".

For now, the community has moderated membership. If you ask to join, and for some reason are rejected, please feel free to email me at xreesex@livejournal.com

All posts are friends-only. Please respect everyone's right to deal with things in their own way, but also respect everyone's right to give their honest thoughts and opinions. Remember, we're all going through something hard, and the added stress of flame wars and internet drama doesn't help.

I hope this grows into a supportive community with a good number of members, so please feel free to mention this where you see fit, though don't go around spamming members or other communities.

Mostly, just feel free to talk about anything dealing with addiction and your relationship.